The Washington PostInside an OnlyFans empire: Sex, influence and the new American Dream
Photos by Sydney Walsh for The Washington Post | Read the full story by Drew Harwell
Since sending her first photo in 2021, Adams’s OnlyFans accounts have earned $16.5 million in sales, more than 1.4 million fans and more than 11 million “likes.” She now makes about $30,000 a day — more than most American small businesses — from subscriptions, video sales, messages and tips, half of which is pure profit. Adams’s employees call their headquarters in central Florida “the farm", a $2.5 million gated home-office-studio complex which includes a gym, pool, house, loft for employees, and staff parking lot. More than 3 million creators now post around the world on OnlyFans, which has 230 million subscribing “fans” — a global audience two-thirds the size of the United States itself, a company filing said.