The Loxahatchee River flows 7.6 miles through Martin and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida. The river is Florida’s first, and one of only two in the state, federally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. The Loxahatchee and its surrounding land holds significant cultural and ecological history. It was a key location in the Seminole Wars in 1838, a place for early pioneers and today is home to several endangered and threatened wildlife species. The river, now protected by local, federal and state government, holds the memory of the past. As it flows out to the Jupiter Inlet, sights and sounds of modern day development grow louder and clearer. When looking into the river itself, the land above is mirrored, as if it’s a portal to another world. This place holds what is left of Old Florida and its spirit can be felt through the primordial cypress trees, tangled orange groves and sand scarred from ever changing tides.