From There, To Here is a multimedia project that explores interracial adoption and how it affects personal identity. The story follows adoptee Tina Daughtry, mother Georgia Mounce and her daughter Gwen Mounce. Daughtry explains the feeling of her adoption as “leaving an empty blank” in her heart. Meanwhile, Georgia explains that even at a young age Gwen is already recognizing her own ethnic differences.
Video filmed and edited by Sydney Walsh
Local community organizers held a symbolic wade-in at Historic Virginia Key Beach Park in Miami-Dade County, Florida after the county commission removed every member of the Virginia Key Beach Park Trust in late October of 2022. This assignment was part of the series "Broken Promises", which received a Pulitzer Prize in editorial writing.
Video filmed and edited by Sydney Walsh / Miami Herald
Amaris Jones, the new chef at large at Red Rooster Overtown in Miami, Florida was brought in to fine tune the signature specialities while adding a little flare of her own. Originally from Philadelphia, with more than a decade of culinary experience, Jones’s attuned palate has made her a sought-after talent within Miami’s soul food scene.
Video filmed and edited by Sydney Walsh / Miami Herald
Raw Figs is a figure drawing pop-up class that takes over venues, hotel rooftops, cafes, art spaces and bars across Miami. It’s free with an RSVP and open to anyone looking for a relaxed space to try their hand at figure drawing. Attendees sip on wine, listen to live music and focus on capturing the human form for about an hour.
Video filmed and edited by Sydney Walsh / Miami Herald
Quintin “Nene” Larios and his wife Maria Teresa, the king and queen of Cuban cuisine in Miami, are cooking again. A former customer and lifelong friend of their family, Royd Lemus and wife Maribel, drew them out of retirement with a plan.
Video filmed and edited by Sydney Walsh / Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald