CNN - The Deputy and the disappeared
One morning 19 years ago, Marcia Williams woke up praying for her son. Terrance worked two jobs, and liked reading Socrates. He was Marcia’s only child. She prayed and prayed, fighting against an inexplicable feeling that something terrible was about to happen.
A few hours later, Terrance crossed paths with a deputy sheriff in Naples, Florida. He got in the deputy’s patrol car. Then he disappeared. The deputy said he’d given Terrance a ride to a Circle K convenience store. But there was no proof that Terrance arrived at the Circle K. And his mother never saw him again.
Three months earlier, another man had also taken a ride in the same deputy's patrol car after a minor car collision. Just like Williams, he encountered Cpl. Steven Calkins of the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. And just like Williams, he disappeared right after that.
Santos was Latino. Williams was Black. Calkins is white.
To this day, neither Santos nor Williams have been found, and Calkins has not faced any charges.